GemmaCert, Cannabis Testing with Guy Setton

We are honored this week to feature Guy Setton, Chief Executive Officer of GemmaCert based in Raanana, Israel. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, Guy and our host, Ry Russell talk about the importance of not just testing Cannabis before it goes to consumers but throughout the entire cultivation process. Testing can certainly be a costly expense for cultivators but ever so necessary. GemmaCert has created a platform that allows anyone to test their Cannabis conveniently from the comfort of their grow room. We heard Guy share some horror stories of cultivators getting through an entire harvest, send out their samples for testing, and found issues that required their yield to be disposed of. Well, this could’ve potentially been avoided if they tested throughout the process. Additionally, sending out samples throughout the growth cycle can have some consequences as well. First, it is an added expense for the cultivator, and second, it takes time to receive the results. This can lead to a delayed response, should adjustments need to be made. 

GemmaCert is helping those in the industry cut costs, and have better and more reliable data when they need it. Join us and hear more about how Guy Setton found his way into the Cannabis industry and how GemmaCert could be of value for your business. 

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