Rico Lamitte and Canivision are helping to lift the voices of the Cannabis Community.

Ry and Rico first crossed paths in 2020 when hosting a fireside chat with Cat Packer, Executive Director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation for the city of Los Angeles at the first-ever Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference. This conversation quickly caught the attention of the audience before the Internet breaking conversation even got started. Rico has had a long and exciting personal journey with cannabis and he prides himself in sharing the journeys of others. This lead Rico to create Canivision, in order to share stories from around the cannabis community. Join us!

Guest: Rico Lamitte

Host: Ry Russell
WeedBudz Radio
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The Heart of a Champion with Tyler Dodd

Our next guest, Tyler Dodd, has had an extraordinary journey from homelessness to entrepreneur. Once, finding himself on the streets fighting for survival, and now finding himself in the Cannabis Industry fighting for his piece of the pie. When the Cannabis Industry was knocking on Oklahomas’ door, Tyler knew this was his opportunity. Tyler decided to jump in and get himself a cultivation license and from there became invested in other businesses and brands like Cookies and Tyson Ranch. Join us!

Guest: Tyler Dodd
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Host: Ry Russell 

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From Seed to Success with Master Grower, Ryan Douglas

There are many disciplines of the Cannabis industry that requires much education to really be considered a master and we would consider growing to be one of those disciplines. When we think about growing Cannabis, to some, it could seem like you plant seeds, and eventually, you will grow some flower. However, most of us know this is knot the case. When our friend, Tess Woods, from Tess Woods PR, called and asked if we would be interested in meeting a Master Grower, of course, we jumped at the opportunity. We are super excited for this episode where we get to learn from the Master Grower of the flagship subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corp, Tweed Inc.  Ryan Douglas, has spent much of his adult life studying plants and building businesses and you do knot want to miss our chat! Ryan published a book titled, From Seed to Success to help us budding cannapreneurs make sense of growing operations and also break things down in a very digestible way. In this book, Ryan provides many amazing resources for prospective growers and entrepreneurs looking for help building their Infrastructure and developing the overall strategy.

Join our Chat and to purchase Ryan’s book please follow the link directly below!
Buy Now: From Seed to Success by Ryan Douglas

Guest: Ryan Douglas
 From Seed to Success by Ryan Douglas

Host: Ry Russell

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A New Year in Cannabiz with Peter Vogel and Leafwire

Back in July of 2020, we were first introduced to our friend, Peter Vogel, and his Leafwire platform. We learned how to utilize the platform for Cannabis Industry networking and have made a lot of new friends. We have also found some of our most favorite guests due to networking on the Leafwire platform. Now as we look to conclude 2020 and gear up for a crazy 2021 business climate we thought It would be a perfect time to follow up with Peter and see what is new with Leafwire and also breakdown some ways we Cannapreneurs can get ready for business in a new year!

Be sure to check out Leafwires’ crowdfunding campaign at https://www.seedinvest.com/leafwire/seed
Become a Leafwire investor today!

Guest: Peter Vogel

Host: Ry Russell

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Medical Marijuana Practitioners with Joseph Sorbello PA-C

On this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we had the tremendous honor of meeting up with Joseph Sorbello PA-C, a Medial Marijuana Professional that not only helps individuals obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Maine but also does so in a refurbished ambulance. When our host, Ry, moved back to Maine, Ry had to trade in his Ohio Medical Program Card for a card in his home state of Maine. Having gone through a challenging process in Ohio, Ry was surprised how effective and efficient the process was not just in Maine, but with Joseph specifically. Ry explained how Joe makes everyone feel safe and comfortable, which is critical when working with patients, of course. Joe, also makes sure that you feel comfortable exploring products and safely consuming them. Ry could not say enough about how awesome Joe Sorbello is and how cool his mobile unit is and we were so grateful Joe joined us for this awesome episode of WeedBudz Radio, Join us! 

Guest: Joseph Sorbello PA-C
Medial Marijuana Practioners

Host: Ry – WeedBudz Radio – KnotPlastic.com

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From Big Box Retail to the Greenhouse with Taurin Lyons

As the Cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, we find more and more job openings looking for all-stars to fill in the gaps. Our host, Ry Russell, loves seeing people make the jump from “traditional” industries into the Cannabis sector. In this episode of WeedBudz RadioRy asked, Taurin to join the show and share his experiences making the shift from Luxury Retail to running a  Cannabis dispensaryTaurin is a legend in retail and he made the brilliant pivot into Cannabis, and he is bringing those skills and Industry-leading customer service to this field. Ry along with dear friend and partner; Melissa Stapley of Pro 9 Ventures and MJ Hybrid Solutions had the pleasure of visiting Taurin, in his element at the beautiful Skokie, Illinois Greenhouse.

Tune in and join us!

Be sure to visit Pro 9 Wellness for all of your recovery and athletic CBD needs.

Guest: Taurin Lyons

Host: Ry Russell

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The Perfect Holiday Flight with Ashville Craft Cannabis

Taig Rehmel of Ashville Craft Cannabis joins WeedBudz Radio to talk about their growing business and their incredible line of products. From a young age, Taig knew that his journey in life probably was not going to be a “traditional” one. He is a man of the world and of this Earth. He started learning about agriculture from a young age and knew that he found his community. After finding his team, Taig set out to create beautiful products that are so much more than consumable, they are pieces of art.  With the holidays coming up, we have the stress of flying and travel; along with the uncertainty of what to gift to those tricky members of our family and our friends. Luckily, Taig and the team at Ashville Craft Cannabis have the only flight you will need this holiday season, and if you use code WeedBudz at check out you can save yourself some coin.

Craft Cannabis CBD Flower Flights

Guest: Taig Rahmel
Ashville Craft Cannabis

Host: Ry RussellWeedBudz Radio

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Is QualSCORE the Car Fax of the Cannabis industry?

Jason Cragholm of QualSCORE joins WeedBudz Radio and introduces us to the QualSCORE platform. QualSCORE is setting out to normalize the quality standards of the Cannabis industry. Measuring everything from product quality to customer service, Jason and QualSCORE make it very easy to measure “Happy Happy Customers” and identify problem areas within one’s business for a quick resolution. In addition to QualSCORE, Jason is also the Founder of the weekly podcast and Internet show the GOX-BOX, referring to the “Group of Experts”, which airs live every Friday, and each episode is uploaded to the archives of their LinkedIn group. If you are an expert be sure to join the group here!

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Guest: Jason Cragholm

Host: Ry Russell

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Hemp Fire Starters with Tree Free Heat founder Dylan Veilleux

At just 22 years of age, Dylan decided to make a run at entrepreneurship and has not looked back. He knew that he wanted to own his own business and he knew wanted to work on something that had a practical use and would have a positive sustainability mission. After doing some R&D, Dylan created a hemp fire starter using all-natural ingredients. Since his first iteration of the product, Dylan has been working like a mad scientist fine-tuning his formulas and his process, and quickly has been able to add additional products to his original offering. Join us in this episode of WeedBudz Radio and hear how this young entrepreneur set his business on fire.

Purchase your very own hemp firestarter: https://www.treefreeheat.com/

Guest: Dylan Veilleux
Tree Free Heat

Host: Ry Russell

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High North, Maine’s Largest Cannabis Retailer Enters the Adult-Use Market.

Maine’s largest Cannabis retailer, Wellness Connection, will be stepping into the Adult-Use market under a new brand called, High NorthWellness Connection has been known for its large footprint in Maine’s medical marijuana program since the initial launch of that program. With news of Wellness Connection converting one of their stores from the medical program to adult-use we had to sit down with our friends Susanne and Charlie and learn about all that is new and exciting. The first of their locations to convert to adult-use will be the shop in South Portland, or if you are from the area often referred to as SoPo. The store will be rocking Its new brand and name, High North. High North, has such beautiful branding and is inspired by all of the natural beauty we have here in Maine. Tune in and join us.

Host: Ry Russell

Guests: Susanne and Charlie, Wellness Connection / High North Leadership. 

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High North – Munchie Mix and Potato Chips
Ry with Managing Director of Wellness Connection, Charlie Langston and Director of Marketing Susanne Pingree standing in front of WeedBudz Best award from 2019 in Portland.
Grateful for the opportunity to try some of the new High North Products.