Cannabiz PR with Michael Mejer of Green Lane Communication

Entrepreneurs across all industries have enough to balance in a day; never mind the difficulty of balancing Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising. Now take Cannapreneurs, for example, they have all the traditional challenges of business, plus, incredibly challenging communication laws that they need to navigate. Marketing and Advertising are virtually impossible for Cannabis-related brands due to the strict restrictions on these activities. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, our friend, Michael Mejer of Green Lane Communication joins us to talk about how public and press relations can help overcome these communication challenges. Join us to learn how public relations fits into your business and how to get started with Michael and Green Lane Communication, today.

Guest: Michael Mejer
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Host: Ry Russell
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Hemp Industry Daily Virtual Conference with Kristen Nichols

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Kristen Nichols, Editor of Hemp Industry Daily, joins Ry to share and promote an incredible virtual event starting on June 29th and includes June 30th along with July 1st. These events are perfect to stay up to date on the industry, current trends, and expanding one’s network. There are incredible opportunities to network, we know, that seems weird for a virtual setting but the technology behind these events is sure to blow you away.

MJBizConNEXT and the Hemp Industry Daily Conference were originally slated for June 2020 in New Orleans but instead, you can attend both conferences for one low price from the safety and comfort of your own home!   

Hemp Industry Daily Direct Conference: Use code “WeedBudz25” at registration.

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Guest: Kristen Nichols
Host: Ry Russell

Dawson Julia suggests stricter Residency Requirements for Maine Adult-Use Program

Dawson Julia is a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in the state of Maine. Dawson is also leading a protest with the Maine Cannabis Coalition at 4 specific locations June 19th “starting at Noon and going until it ends”. The reason for the protests is because Dawson feels that the soon to launch Adult-Use program in Maine is missing protections for small local businesses. Tune in and join us to hear Dawson’s take on the industry and how these lawsuits could help shape policy in future markets. For more information on Dawson, the protests, and the Maine Cannabis Coalition, visit their website:

South African Cannabis Market with THC-A

It is always inspiring to hear from Cannapreneurs from all over the world. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Angela Meuwsen-Sterling, the founder of THC-ATHC-A is a marketing and branding company based in South Africa that is committed to helping the budding Cannabis and Hemp markets in their region.

During our time together, Angela explained to me the mission that the non-profit Field of Greens for All is on and they need signatures and your help! Please visit:
Get Involved today, you do not need to be a South African resident to help spread their mission and sign the petition.

To learn more about THC-A visit

Description: “The South African legal marijuana market will be worth an estimated R27 billion by 2023. THC-A’s purpose, to take the hemp and cannabis industry in the African Continent and uplift businesses through branding and marketing and take them to a new high. We will be South Africa’s premier full-service brand and marketing agency, purely dedicated to the hemp and cannabis space. We are looking to partner with companies and individuals who share our vision, to destigmatize hemp and cannabis, while educating the masses through strong, well planned, and executed marketing strategies. Through this, we will help those who want to break ground in this dynamic new industry.” 

If you are interested in learning about Hemp and Cannabis in the South African markets you came to the right place, join us!

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“In the Weeds” with Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young is a New England native with much success in Television and Radio. Jimmy had founded an Emmy Award-winning sports talk show for kids that aired on NECN.  Jimmy has mastered many disciplines within the world of media before finally bringing his talents to the Cannabis Industry.  Jimmy is the founder of Pro Cannabis Media and is the host of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, a weekly podcast distributed over all the major outlets. In 2019, Jimmy teamed up with our friend Curt Dalton of and the two host a month Weed Talk Show where these two pals Interview the best of the best of the budding Cannabis Industry. Jimmy is a real community leader and advocate of the Cannabis industry and we are grateful he joined us on WeedBudz Radio! Join us!

Host: Ry Russell

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Digital Real Estate with Curt Dalton of

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Curt Dalton; the founder of If you have ever wondered how to purchase a piece of digital real estate and learn some of the ways to maximize that site’s potential; you will definitely want to hear what Curt has to say. He has set some extraordinary goals and understands the work it takes to build such a platform; especially within the scope of Cannabis.

“Currently working in the legal cannabis niche reporting on medical advancements, legalization issues, and everything to do with the worldwide shift to legalization. is one of only 4 exact match domains in the world for the marijuana space and now offers full mapping, a full social network, a cannabis job board, a cannabis events page, a strain guide, and worldwide news and blogging on the legalization of cannabis.”
– Curt Dalton also provides an IOS and Android application that you can download in order to stay up to date on breaking news and resources in one easy to access location.

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WTF Extracts with the Best Beard in Cannabis

Our audience may remember our friend Omar from an earlier episode where he discussed his commitment to the community and the greater Cannabis Industry. The best beard in Cannabis is back to join us to talk about another brand he works with, World THC Factory; aka WTF extracts.

Omar utilizes Instagram to connect with his community in order to grow his Cannabis brands. Be sure to follow Omar personally, at and also his accounts:

Omar uses the many tools within Instagram to connect with his community, build awareness, and increase demand for his products before he even introduces them to retail partners. When you purchase products from Omar to carry on your marijuana retail shelves you’re buying much more than a product. You are purchasing a brand, with an identity and from an individual that does not just show up and drop off the product; Omar creates an experience that your customers are excited to learn more about.

Join us and hear from one of the most humble Cannapreneurs in the Cannabiz!

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Ethanol Extraction Explained with Rob Wirtz of Python Extraction

Rob Wirtz of Python Extraction joins us this week on WeedBudz Radio to discuss the different methods of extraction; and what ultimately led him to ethanol. Rob Wirtz enjoys fast-paced sports and is a student of the entrepreneurial mindset. He brought his talents and his skills for team building to the Cannabis industry and is quickly making an impact. Python Extraction Systems provides a full turn-key solution for those looking to get into ethanol extraction. Rob tells us about the different solutions they offer and who would make an ideal operator of such equipment. If you have been interested in seeing if extraction is a business model for you, join us. Rob breaks down everything an operator would need to get started and the inputs required for a thriving business.

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“Save the Terps” with Drew Emmer of Boveda Inc.

This week on WeedBudz Radio we are joined by Drew Emmer, of Boveda Incorporated.Boveda is a manufacturing company based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. What does Boveda manufacture, you may ask? Well, they produce humidity control packs for the Cannabis, Tobacco, and musical instrument markets; to name a few. They began to make a name for themselves and generate demand within the cigar market; by adding value to recognizable brands, such as Fuentes.

In this episode, you will learn about the Boveda technology, the company, and the people that make it a successful brand. Boveda is interesting to learn about on its own, but add in Drew Emmer, and fun is guaranteed to be had. We all know that culture and people make a company; Drew is one of the reasons Boveda has been such a success. He started with a passion for cigars and found himself selling a product that adds significant value to whatever products it is supporting.

Take the Boveda Challenge, and join us for another episode of WeedBudz Radio!

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GemmaCert, Cannabis Testing with Guy Setton

We are honored this week to feature Guy Setton, Chief Executive Officer of GemmaCert based in Raanana, Israel. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, Guy and our host, Ry Russell talk about the importance of not just testing Cannabis before it goes to consumers but throughout the entire cultivation process. Testing can certainly be a costly expense for cultivators but ever so necessary. GemmaCert has created a platform that allows anyone to test their Cannabis conveniently from the comfort of their grow room. We heard Guy share some horror stories of cultivators getting through an entire harvest, send out their samples for testing, and found issues that required their yield to be disposed of. Well, this could’ve potentially been avoided if they tested throughout the process. Additionally, sending out samples throughout the growth cycle can have some consequences as well. First, it is an added expense for the cultivator, and second, it takes time to receive the results. This can lead to a delayed response, should adjustments need to be made. 

GemmaCert is helping those in the industry cut costs, and have better and more reliable data when they need it. Join us and hear more about how Guy Setton found his way into the Cannabis industry and how GemmaCert could be of value for your business.