100% Hemp Paper with Erica Halverson of Tiny e Paper

Our guest, Erica Halverson has created 100% hemp paper and is consistently developing new product ideas. Erica has worked in marketing and branding for a number of years and set off on a new path to help save the world. Erica introduces her journey to us and shares some of the challenges she has had to overcome in order to accomplish her goals. Tune in, join us, and learn what you can do when you push the limits of what seems possible!

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Guest: Erica Halverson
Website: TinyePaper.com

Host: Ry Russell
Website: WeedBudzRadio

Seed to Sale with Franny’s Farmacy

Franny Tacy may have been the first female hemp farmer in North Carolina but one does not get that title without taking a few risks. There were no seasoned professionals when Franny put plants into the ground. She had to blaze her own trails and look to the earth for guidance. As a constant student of all things agriculture, Franny left the comfort of a stable paycheck and took on the challenge of building a fully integrated business from seed to sale. Franny started the farm, found the products, started selling them, and now building more stores and educating the public. If you are looking for motivation to stop waiting and start doing, you came to the right place.  Join us and learn how Franny built this iconic brand and sets out to inspire others every single day!

Guest: Franny Tacy

Franny speaking at TedxAsheville https://youtu.be/eUlFMg7ByKs

Host: Ry Russell

Get your tickets: Upcoming Virtual Event August 3rd: Franny’s Farmacy Brings Hemp-Wellness to Westport

Hemp Drying Explained with IEC-Thermo

Video Stream of Podcast 👇

For our episode today, we are going to learn all about Hemp Drying and some different ways to obtain the right drying system for your business. I asked Shawna, Matt and Tim from IEC-Thermo.com to join me and share their collective expertise to understand what needs to be considered when making the best decision. We also discuss some of the different business models that ensure a positive ROI for Farmers and Entrepreneurs. Join us today and contact Info@iecompanies.com for more information on getting the right drying system for you!

IEC Thermo Guests: ShawnaMatthew, and Timothy

Host: Ry Russell



The Cannabis Conversation with Anuj Desai

The Cannabis Conversation, Cannabis industry podcast based in the United Kingdom is hosted by the talented Anuj DesaiAnuj is a commercial lawyer that believes the best way to understand an industry is to become a part of the industry. Anuj uses his podcast to interview thought leaders across many disciplines of the Cannabis industry, in Europe and across the globe.

Our host of WeedBudz Radio, Ry Russell, is a big fan of Anuj and the Cannabis Conversation and appreciates how they use their platform, much like our own, to craft a new perspective on the budding Cannabis markets by celebrating the individuals that pioneer it.

Full show and notes available at https://weedbudzradio.com/

Guest: Anuj Desai

Host: Ry Russell

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Leafwire B2B Networking with Peter Vogel

Networking within the Cannabis and Hemp Industries can be very challenging. Some of us professionals are still uneasy about using our personal platforms to share our enthusiasm and passion for this rapidly growing Industry. Luckily, we have entrepreneurs like Peter Vogel who step up to provide a solution. Peter Vogel started Leafwire in 2017 and has grown the platform to be the largest B2B networking platform in the Cannabis space. Peter is connecting the industry and helping to foster relationships between Entrepreneurs and Investors. Peter, himself, a very accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist join our host Ry, and WeedBudz Radio to share how and why he created Leafwire and what his aspirations are for this amazing platform. Join us!

Guest: Peter Vogel

Guest Website: Leafwire.com

Host: Ry Russell

WeedBudz Radio Website: https://weedbudzradio.com/

Hemp Shoes by 8000Kicks.com

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Bernardo Duque Carreira the founder of 8000Kicks.com. Bernardo is joining us all the way from Portugal to share some exciting news about their launch. A while back, Bernardo and a few of his friends were brainstorming business ideas when the idea for a smokeable shoe took the team on a journey that ultimately leads them to design and produce a stylish shoe made out of hemp and recycled materials. They worked extremely hard to find the right suppliers and partners to make this dream a reality and they did It. These fun new kicks will be available July 9th, 2020 at 8000Kicks.com and we have a special discount code for you to use on their site. Enter code “WeedBudz” at checkout for 10% off these dope kicks! 

Guest: Bernardo Duque Carreira

Host: Ry Russell

Promotion: 8000Kicks.com Enter code “WeedBudz” at checkout for 10%.

Cannabiz PR with Michael Mejer of Green Lane Communication

Entrepreneurs across all industries have enough to balance in a day; never mind the difficulty of balancing Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising. Now take Cannapreneurs, for example, they have all the traditional challenges of business, plus, incredibly challenging communication laws that they need to navigate. Marketing and Advertising are virtually impossible for Cannabis-related brands due to the strict restrictions on these activities. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, our friend, Michael Mejer of Green Lane Communication joins us to talk about how public and press relations can help overcome these communication challenges. Join us to learn how public relations fits into your business and how to get started with Michael and Green Lane Communication, today.

Guest: Michael Mejer
Guest Website: https://www.greenlanecommunication.com/

Host: Ry Russell
Podcast Website: https://weedbudzradio.com/

Hemp Industry Daily Virtual Conference with Kristen Nichols

Register for the Hemp Industry Daily Direct Conference and also receive a ticket for MJ BizCon NEXT! Use Promo Code “WeedBudz25” at registration to save an extra $25.

Kristen Nichols, Editor of Hemp Industry Daily, joins Ry to share and promote an incredible virtual event starting on June 29th and includes June 30th along with July 1st. These events are perfect to stay up to date on the industry, current trends, and expanding one’s network. There are incredible opportunities to network, we know, that seems weird for a virtual setting but the technology behind these events is sure to blow you away.

MJBizConNEXT and the Hemp Industry Daily Conference were originally slated for June 2020 in New Orleans but instead, you can attend both conferences for one low price from the safety and comfort of your own home!   

Hemp Industry Daily Direct Conference: Use code “WeedBudz25” at registration.

MJBizCon NEXT Conference: Use code “WeedBudz25“at registration.

Guest: Kristen Nichols
Host: Ry Russell

Dawson Julia suggests stricter Residency Requirements for Maine Adult-Use Program

Dawson Julia is a Medical Marijuana Caregiver in the state of Maine. Dawson is also leading a protest with the Maine Cannabis Coalition at 4 specific locations June 19th “starting at Noon and going until it ends”. The reason for the protests is because Dawson feels that the soon to launch Adult-Use program in Maine is missing protections for small local businesses. Tune in and join us to hear Dawson’s take on the industry and how these lawsuits could help shape policy in future markets. For more information on Dawson, the protests, and the Maine Cannabis Coalition, visit their website: https://mainecannabiscoalition.com/

South African Cannabis Market with THC-A

It is always inspiring to hear from Cannapreneurs from all over the world. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Angela Meuwsen-Sterling, the founder of THC-ATHC-A is a marketing and branding company based in South Africa that is committed to helping the budding Cannabis and Hemp markets in their region.

During our time together, Angela explained to me the mission that the non-profit Field of Greens for All is on and they need signatures and your help! Please visit: https://fieldsofgreenforall.org.za/petition/
Get Involved today, you do not need to be a South African resident to help spread their mission and sign the petition.

To learn more about THC-A visit https://www.thc-a.co.za/

Description: “The South African legal marijuana market will be worth an estimated R27 billion by 2023. THC-A’s purpose, to take the hemp and cannabis industry in the African Continent and uplift businesses through branding and marketing and take them to a new high. We will be South Africa’s premier full-service brand and marketing agency, purely dedicated to the hemp and cannabis space. We are looking to partner with companies and individuals who share our vision, to destigmatize hemp and cannabis, while educating the masses through strong, well planned, and executed marketing strategies. Through this, we will help those who want to break ground in this dynamic new industry.” 

If you are interested in learning about Hemp and Cannabis in the South African markets you came to the right place, join us!

Let’s Connect!

Guest, Angela: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-meuwsen-sterling-a7582429/

Host, Ry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russellry/


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