How to Handle Uncertain Times and Embrace Change with Nurse Mark

Nurse Mark joins WeedBudz Radio to share with us how he has handled uncertainty throughout his life and details some things we can do to stay positive during times of isolation. Nurse Mark was a technology entrepreneur that spent decades building a business and a personal brand. If you asked him, or anyone around him, he was a technology entrepreneur from Boston, but what happens when that identity is no longer something you entirely resonate with? Well, Mark took control over the situation and re-branded himself and his persona. He wanted to be authentically Nurse Mark and in order to do that, one has to shed parts of your ego from a time of the past. Fast Forward to today and Mark has a fast and free lifestyle where he promotes health, well-being, and Cannabis. From Mental health tips to living a healthy lifestyle, Nurse Mark Show has a lot to offer. Join us and be sure to share this episode with anyone you know that struggles with their maniacal entrepreneurial mind. 

Nurse Mark Show

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