“Save the Terps” with Drew Emmer of Boveda Inc.

This week on WeedBudz Radio we are joined by Drew Emmer, of Boveda Incorporated.Boveda is a manufacturing company based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. What does Boveda manufacture, you may ask? Well, they produce humidity control packs for the Cannabis, Tobacco, and musical instrument markets; to name a few. They began to make a name for themselves and generate demand within the cigar market; by adding value to recognizable brands, such as Fuentes.

In this episode, you will learn about the Boveda technology, the company, and the people that make it a successful brand. Boveda is interesting to learn about on its own, but add in Drew Emmer, and fun is guaranteed to be had. We all know that culture and people make a company; Drew is one of the reasons Boveda has been such a success. He started with a passion for cigars and found himself selling a product that adds significant value to whatever products it is supporting.

Take the Boveda Challenge, and join us for another episode of WeedBudz Radio!

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