The Green Renaissance with Julie Chiariello

Joining our host, Ry Russell on WeedBudz Radio we are excited to introduce Julie Chiariello.
As a woman in business leadership for the last 26 years, Julie has enjoyed bringing green, cutting edge products successfully to market and empowering others to succeed. Julie is a medical user, an herbalist, and believe in the use and protection of herbal medicines in all their forms. Julie is a champion of a new style of business that upholds the tenets of sustainability, empowered consumerism, philanthropy, and more intelligent use of our collective resources.

Julie has built many successful sales teams of various companies within the yoga, health, and wellness industries. Julie also successfully centered the Cannabis market in the vaporizer manufacturing segment 15 years ago, where she cultivated a global network of friends and activists. In her travels, Julie heard stories that have touched and enraged her and has moved her to action within her work as Co-owner and Editor-in-Chief at SKUNK Magazine. Julie and Skunk Magazine are empowering small businesses to succeed and giving a voice to the unseen and unheard that continue to suffer and be torn apart by this heinous public crime. Julie has devoted herself to what she calls the green renaissance.  Tune in and join us to learn more about Julie, Skunk Magazine, and become part of the Green Renaissance.

Guest: Julie Chiariello

Host: Ry Russell

Investing in People with Griff Conti

From the outside looking in on the Cannabis Community, it is easy to understand why it is the individual people that make up the heart and soul of any successful business. For someone like our next guest, Griff Conti, understanding people is all in a day’s work. Griff is a very successful recruiter for the Bradsby Group, entrepreneur, and Investor. Like any entrepreneurial-minded individual Griff is a big fan of keeping his mind busy with various projects. However, he doesn’t want to invest in just any project, he wants to invest in projects that celebrate people and put the community at the center of decision making. When Griff was looking for his next Investment it is easy to understand why he partnered with a team like Franny’s Farmacy to become an Owner and Operator of their new flagship retail store in the historic Bedford Square in downtown Westport, Connecticut. Join us!

Guest: Griff Conti
Franny’s Farmacy

Host: Ry Russell

Understanding Cannabis Consumption Lounges with The Highspitality Group

As the Cannabis Industry continues to expand and look for new ways to engage customers there is one venue type that is just beginning to emerge as regulators start to evaluate the social aspects of consumption. We Invited our friends from The Highspitality Group to Introduce this emerging business model to us and explain how they can help you navigate everything from licensing and training to business planning and store design. Join our Host with guests Sara Stewart and Nina Lewis and see if you are the next Cannabis Lounge Entrepreneur.

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Host: Ry Russell

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Alex Coccaro, Conscious Consumer, Entrepreneur and Design Kush Superstar

Our friends are Design Kush told us that due to our love for sustainability that we absolutely needed to meet Alex Coccaro. Wow, were they right! Alex explains to Ry how he was able to limit the amount of trash he was disposing of monthly to a single bag of trash. Join us and get some tips from Alex on things you can do to be a more conscious consumer and how a beer and beverage professional got into the budding cannabis Industry.

Guest: Alex Coccaro 

Host: Ry Russell

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CannaCosmo Health + Beauty Virtual Expo. September 29-30, 2020.

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio we invited Maya from the Cannaone team to join us and share all of the amazing details about their upcoming CannaCosmo event brought to us by CannaOne. Maya has a rich history in the media space and knows that all of us are struggling to network and find some much needed social interaction. These virtual conferences are a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill, and live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Be sure to check out the details below in our notes and claim your FREE ticket, simply because you are a member of the WeedBudz Family. 


Attend the CannaCosmo Health + Beauty Virtual Expo. September 29-30, 2020. 

Shop products, learn the latest trends in CBD + HEMP, and chat with the Founders of these top brands.









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Guest: Maya RofflerCannaone / CannaCosmo

Host: Ry Russell, WeedBudz Radio / Knot Plastic 

Strategic Partnerships and Marketing with Ellyn Weitzman

Our next guest, Ellyn Weitzman is the Director of Marketing and Partnerships for the new Franny’s Farmacy franchise located in the heart of beautiful Westport, Connecticut. Ellyn has been around health, wellness, and media for quite some time and found a home at Franny’s Farmacy where all of her passions can work together. Opening a retail store on its own is challenging enough but opening a store during a global pandemic, is even more challenging. Ellyn and the team have utilized their connections and strategic relationships to quickly make a name for themselves within their local market. If you want to find out some creative ways your brick and mortar store can promote without breaking the bank, you will want to tune into this episode, Ellyn shares a lot of value about how to get your brand out into the community. 

Guest: Ellyn Weitzman of Franny’s Farmacy

Host: Ry RussellWeedBudz Radio / Knot Plastic 

Left to Right: Ellyn Weitzman, Michael Mejer, Ry Russell, Griff Conti

Emerge Cannabis Conference with Charles Warner

Charles Warner, Host of Cannabis & Tech Today joins us on WeedBudz Radio to share all of the amazing details about the upcoming Emerge Cannabis Conference. This conference will be a live three-day event that allows you, the attendee, to experience a fully immersive conference experience from your own home. Emerge has also added a new gamification element where each guest can make their own Avatar; seemingly an extraordinary look into the future of conferences and virtual networking. This will be one event you do not want to miss; featuring top tier speakers from across many disciplines and all delivering incredible value. The live conference goes on for 3 days, kicking off on September 8th, 2020, and the platform is available for access for up to 90 days after the live show for continued networking and education.

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Join WeedBudz Radio host, Ry Russell, Thursday, September 10th for a Fireside Chat with Cat Packer, Executive Director for the Department of Cannabis Regulation for the City of Los Angeles. 

Left to Right, Top To Bottom, Kristi Dougherty, Ry Russell, and Cat Packer prepping for their Fireside chat at the Emerge Cannabis Conference.

Cannabis, Cars and Internet Security with Founder, Daniel Thompson

While networking on Leafwire, our host Ry; had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Thompson the Founder of This Website is unlike anything you have seen before and you may not even know it. Daniel recognizes that not every user browsing the Internet wants to have their cookies and their actions tracked and followed. Daniel made security and safety his number one priority when building the infrastructure for this platform. You can see clearly how cookies are used and data never leaves the site. This is a great site for those looking to be discrete online. On top of building this Incredibly safe platform, Daniel has a number of other hobbies including restoring classic cars and playing music. Tune in and join us on WeedBudz Radio!

Guest: Daniel Thompson 420A3

Host: Ry Russell

Introducing Design Kush with Jocelyn Tucker

Design Kush is a Cannabis industry digital design and marketing company that helps businesses of all sizes dial in their new media strategies. Design Kush is comprised of an incredible team that strategically works with its clients to ensure a top shelf online presence for brands to engage their customers. We are excited to have Design Kushs’ very own, Jocelyn Tucker, an avid fan of yoga, hiking, and dancing; introduce us to this amazing company and its array business solutions. Tune in and join us!

Guest: Jocelyn Tucker

Host: Ry Russell
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100% Hemp Paper with Erica Halverson of Tiny e Paper

Our guest, Erica Halverson has created 100% hemp paper and is consistently developing new product ideas. Erica has worked in marketing and branding for a number of years and set off on a new path to help save the world. Erica introduces her journey to us and shares some of the challenges she has had to overcome in order to accomplish her goals. Tune in, join us, and learn what you can do when you push the limits of what seems possible!

Did you know: 

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Guest: Erica Halverson

Host: Ry Russell
Website: WeedBudzRadio