“In the Weeds” with Jimmy Young

Jimmy Young is a New England native with much success in Television and Radio. Jimmy had founded an Emmy Award-winning sports talk show for kids that aired on NECN.  Jimmy has mastered many disciplines within the world of media before finally bringing his talents to the Cannabis Industry.  Jimmy is the founder of Pro Cannabis Media and is the host of In The Weeds with Jimmy Young, a weekly podcast distributed over all the major outlets. In 2019, Jimmy teamed up with our friend Curt Dalton of Cannabis.net and the two host a month Weed Talk Show where these two pals Interview the best of the best of the budding Cannabis Industry. Jimmy is a real community leader and advocate of the Cannabis industry and we are grateful he joined us on WeedBudz Radio! Join us!

Host: Ry Russell

Podcast website: WeedBudzRadio.com

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Digital Real Estate with Curt Dalton of Cannabis.net

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Curt Dalton; the founder of Cannabis.net. If you have ever wondered how to purchase a piece of digital real estate and learn some of the ways to maximize that site’s potential; you will definitely want to hear what Curt has to say. He has set some extraordinary goals and understands the work it takes to build such a platform; especially within the scope of Cannabis.

“Currently working in the legal cannabis niche reporting on medical advancements, legalization issues, and everything to do with the worldwide shift to legalization. Cannabis.net is one of only 4 exact match domains in the world for the marijuana space and now offers full mapping, a full social network, a cannabis job board, a cannabis events page, a strain guide, and worldwide news and blogging on the legalization of cannabis.”
– Curt Dalton

Cannabis.net also provides an IOS and Android application that you can download in order to stay up to date on breaking news and resources in one easy to access location.

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WTF Extracts with the Best Beard in Cannabis

Our audience may remember our friend Omar from an earlier episode where he discussed his commitment to the community and the greater Cannabis Industry. The best beard in Cannabis is back to join us to talk about another brand he works with, World THC Factory; aka WTF extracts.

Omar utilizes Instagram to connect with his community in order to grow his Cannabis brands. Be sure to follow Omar personally, at https://www.instagram.com/mmjbeard/ and also his accounts:

Omar uses the many tools within Instagram to connect with his community, build awareness, and increase demand for his products before he even introduces them to retail partners. When you purchase products from Omar to carry on your marijuana retail shelves you’re buying much more than a product. You are purchasing a brand, with an identity and from an individual that does not just show up and drop off the product; Omar creates an experience that your customers are excited to learn more about.

Join us and hear from one of the most humble Cannapreneurs in the Cannabiz!

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Ethanol Extraction Explained with Rob Wirtz of Python Extraction

Rob Wirtz of Python Extraction joins us this week on WeedBudz Radio to discuss the different methods of extraction; and what ultimately led him to ethanol. Rob Wirtz enjoys fast-paced sports and is a student of the entrepreneurial mindset. He brought his talents and his skills for team building to the Cannabis industry and is quickly making an impact. Python Extraction Systems provides a full turn-key solution for those looking to get into ethanol extraction. Rob tells us about the different solutions they offer and who would make an ideal operator of such equipment. If you have been interested in seeing if extraction is a business model for you, join us. Rob breaks down everything an operator would need to get started and the inputs required for a thriving business.

Be sure to visit: http://www.pythonextraction.com/
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Connect with our host, Ry: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russellry/
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“Save the Terps” with Drew Emmer of Boveda Inc.

This week on WeedBudz Radio we are joined by Drew Emmer, of Boveda Incorporated.Boveda is a manufacturing company based out of Minnetonka, Minnesota. What does Boveda manufacture, you may ask? Well, they produce humidity control packs for the Cannabis, Tobacco, and musical instrument markets; to name a few. They began to make a name for themselves and generate demand within the cigar market; by adding value to recognizable brands, such as Fuentes.

In this episode, you will learn about the Boveda technology, the company, and the people that make it a successful brand. Boveda is interesting to learn about on its own, but add in Drew Emmer, and fun is guaranteed to be had. We all know that culture and people make a company; Drew is one of the reasons Boveda has been such a success. He started with a passion for cigars and found himself selling a product that adds significant value to whatever products it is supporting.

Take the Boveda Challenge, and join us for another episode of WeedBudz Radio!

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GemmaCert, Cannabis Testing with Guy Setton

We are honored this week to feature Guy Setton, Chief Executive Officer of GemmaCert based in Raanana, Israel. In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, Guy and our host, Ry Russell talk about the importance of not just testing Cannabis before it goes to consumers but throughout the entire cultivation process. Testing can certainly be a costly expense for cultivators but ever so necessary. GemmaCert has created a platform that allows anyone to test their Cannabis conveniently from the comfort of their grow room. We heard Guy share some horror stories of cultivators getting through an entire harvest, send out their samples for testing, and found issues that required their yield to be disposed of. Well, this could’ve potentially been avoided if they tested throughout the process. Additionally, sending out samples throughout the growth cycle can have some consequences as well. First, it is an added expense for the cultivator, and second, it takes time to receive the results. This can lead to a delayed response, should adjustments need to be made. 

GemmaCert is helping those in the industry cut costs, and have better and more reliable data when they need it. Join us and hear more about how Guy Setton found his way into the Cannabis industry and how GemmaCert could be of value for your business. 

How to Handle Uncertain Times and Embrace Change with Nurse Mark

Nurse Mark joins WeedBudz Radio to share with us how he has handled uncertainty throughout his life and details some things we can do to stay positive during times of isolation. Nurse Mark was a technology entrepreneur that spent decades building a business and a personal brand. If you asked him, or anyone around him, he was a technology entrepreneur from Boston, but what happens when that identity is no longer something you entirely resonate with? Well, Mark took control over the situation and re-branded himself and his persona. He wanted to be authentically Nurse Mark and in order to do that, one has to shed parts of your ego from a time of the past. Fast Forward to today and Mark has a fast and free lifestyle where he promotes health, well-being, and Cannabis. From Mental health tips to living a healthy lifestyle, Nurse Mark Show has a lot to offer. Join us and be sure to share this episode with anyone you know that struggles with their maniacal entrepreneurial mind. 

Nurse Mark Show https://nursemark.co/podcast/

Building Community with Dope Magazine Co-Founder, David Tran

David Tran joins WeedBudz to share some exciting news and tell us how he started his Cannabis journey in Seattle, Washington. David has built dispensaries, worked with cultivators, and built one of the icons of Cannabis media, Dope Magazine. All of these ventures had the same dedicated focus on patients and consumers. David has worked on many passion-driven projects and each one is centered around building meaningful relationships and being part of a community. Relationships are the key to success in any industry, not one person can tackle every task alone, and David attributes much of his success to hard work and a love for people. When you make people the center of your operations, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

David has put together a one of a kind, Virtual 4/20 Event! All of the details can be found at https://farechild.com/

David has teamed up with an all-star cast that wants to help people stay connected during these strange times in our history. If you are interested in participating, please head over to https://farechild.com/ and you will find all the details of what will be one virtual 4/20 event to remember. This event will raise funds to assist individuals and families that have been impacted by the COVID19 crisis and need help providing and receiving meals. We hope you join us! 

Tune in and hear about the Cannapreneur, the family man, and the journey of a pioneer.

Connect with David on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tranimalchronicles/

Cannabis Marketing with Brandon Rea of Canlock

Marketing and Business Development is a passion that Brandon Rea has had for some time. Brandon has been on the front lines of new media marketing and building brands since the start of the tech boom. He has always been a Cannabis enthusiast and knew his talents would bring him close to the industry. Fast forward, you will find yourself with the savvy marketer behind the Canlock vacuum sealing, smell-proof, glass jar system. Canlock has a system that is fantastic for both, retailers looking to showcase their Cannabis in a premium package, with superior environmental controls, and for the cultivators that are looking to protect the fruits of their labor. In addition to many amazing commercial uses, Canlock also has self-storing jars for your average consumer looking to keep their Weed fresh. However, marketing in the Cannabis industry is not an easy task. There are many rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to stay compliant and ensure your social channels do not get shut down. Join us today and hear how Brandon and the Canlock team found ways to market their products effectively and engage an active user baser.

Adding Value to your POS with Dan Hirsch of DataOwl

Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl joins us to discuss the power of strong CRM tools within your business operations. As we watch the cannabis industry develop, dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers need assistance managing all of their data. Customer Relationship Management services can also bolster the bottom line as research shows sales can increase up to 29% for businesses that use these data-driven tools.

We were very excited when our friend, Mike Sanchez of Emergent Layer, reached out to introduce us to Dan and the DataOwl platform. 

DataOwl unlocks insights from point-of-sale systems and provides a robust and fully customizable suite of e-commerce, text marketing, interactive digital signage, patient check-in, and customer loyalty solutions that auto sync with BioTrackTHC, GreenBits & LeafLogix and integrate with Leafly & OnFleet.

DataOwl allows for dispensary owners to: 

  • Integrate online and in-store shopping experiences via promotions, inventory management, rewards redemption, and order fulfillment automation
  • Create a customized, tiered loyalty program that incentivizes by spend, category, visits, and/or time of purchase

  • Eliminate time-consuming list management: set your business goals and Smart Messaging handles the rest
Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl CRM Platform.

Join us and hear how you can increase sales for your Cannabis business today!