Medical Marijuana Practitioners with Joseph Sorbello PA-C

On this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we had the tremendous honor of meeting up with Joseph Sorbello PA-C, a Medial Marijuana Professional that not only helps individuals obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Maine but also does so in a refurbished ambulance. When our host, Ry, moved back to Maine, Ry had to trade in his Ohio Medical Program Card for a card in his home state of Maine. Having gone through a challenging process in Ohio, Ry was surprised how effective and efficient the process was not just in Maine, but with Joseph specifically. Ry explained how Joe makes everyone feel safe and comfortable, which is critical when working with patients, of course. Joe, also makes sure that you feel comfortable exploring products and safely consuming them. Ry could not say enough about how awesome Joe Sorbello is and how cool his mobile unit is and we were so grateful Joe joined us for this awesome episode of WeedBudz Radio, Join us! 

Guest: Joseph Sorbello PA-C
Medial Marijuana Practioners

Host: Ry – WeedBudz Radio –

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