How to Handle Uncertain Times and Embrace Change with Nurse Mark

Nurse Mark joins WeedBudz Radio to share with us how he has handled uncertainty throughout his life and details some things we can do to stay positive during times of isolation. Nurse Mark was a technology entrepreneur that spent decades building a business and a personal brand. If you asked him, or anyone around him, he was a technology entrepreneur from Boston, but what happens when that identity is no longer something you entirely resonate with? Well, Mark took control over the situation and re-branded himself and his persona. He wanted to be authentically Nurse Mark and in order to do that, one has to shed parts of your ego from a time of the past. Fast Forward to today and Mark has a fast and free lifestyle where he promotes health, well-being, and Cannabis. From Mental health tips to living a healthy lifestyle, Nurse Mark Show has a lot to offer. Join us and be sure to share this episode with anyone you know that struggles with their maniacal entrepreneurial mind. 

Nurse Mark Show

Building Community with Dope Magazine Co-Founder, David Tran

David Tran joins WeedBudz to share some exciting news and tell us how he started his Cannabis journey in Seattle, Washington. David has built dispensaries, worked with cultivators, and built one of the icons of Cannabis media, Dope Magazine. All of these ventures had the same dedicated focus on patients and consumers. David has worked on many passion-driven projects and each one is centered around building meaningful relationships and being part of a community. Relationships are the key to success in any industry, not one person can tackle every task alone, and David attributes much of his success to hard work and a love for people. When you make people the center of your operations, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

David has put together a one of a kind, Virtual 4/20 Event! All of the details can be found at

David has teamed up with an all-star cast that wants to help people stay connected during these strange times in our history. If you are interested in participating, please head over to and you will find all the details of what will be one virtual 4/20 event to remember. This event will raise funds to assist individuals and families that have been impacted by the COVID19 crisis and need help providing and receiving meals. We hope you join us! 

Tune in and hear about the Cannapreneur, the family man, and the journey of a pioneer.

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Cannabis Marketing with Brandon Rea of Canlock

Marketing and Business Development is a passion that Brandon Rea has had for some time. Brandon has been on the front lines of new media marketing and building brands since the start of the tech boom. He has always been a Cannabis enthusiast and knew his talents would bring him close to the industry. Fast forward, you will find yourself with the savvy marketer behind the Canlock vacuum sealing, smell-proof, glass jar system. Canlock has a system that is fantastic for both, retailers looking to showcase their Cannabis in a premium package, with superior environmental controls, and for the cultivators that are looking to protect the fruits of their labor. In addition to many amazing commercial uses, Canlock also has self-storing jars for your average consumer looking to keep their Weed fresh. However, marketing in the Cannabis industry is not an easy task. There are many rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to stay compliant and ensure your social channels do not get shut down. Join us today and hear how Brandon and the Canlock team found ways to market their products effectively and engage an active user baser.

Adding Value to your POS with Dan Hirsch of DataOwl

Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl joins us to discuss the power of strong CRM tools within your business operations. As we watch the cannabis industry develop, dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers need assistance managing all of their data. Customer Relationship Management services can also bolster the bottom line as research shows sales can increase up to 29% for businesses that use these data-driven tools.

We were very excited when our friend, Mike Sanchez of Emergent Layer, reached out to introduce us to Dan and the DataOwl platform. 

DataOwl unlocks insights from point-of-sale systems and provides a robust and fully customizable suite of e-commerce, text marketing, interactive digital signage, patient check-in, and customer loyalty solutions that auto sync with BioTrackTHC, GreenBits & LeafLogix and integrate with Leafly & OnFleet.

DataOwl allows for dispensary owners to: 

  • Integrate online and in-store shopping experiences via promotions, inventory management, rewards redemption, and order fulfillment automation
  • Create a customized, tiered loyalty program that incentivizes by spend, category, visits, and/or time of purchase

  • Eliminate time-consuming list management: set your business goals and Smart Messaging handles the rest
Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl CRM Platform.

Join us and hear how you can increase sales for your Cannabis business today! 

Relyf Health, CBD Education, and a Naturopath, with Jenny Golden

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio, we are joined by Jenny Golden, Vice President of Education for Relyf Health in Birmingham, Alabama. Relyf prides itself on being an educational company that manufactures high-quality CBD products. Jenny Golden is a Certified Naturopath that focuses on whole-body health and wellness. Jenny will explain to us the differences between being a Naturopath versus what we understand as a traditional medical doctor along with her approaches to healthy living and wellness. Jenny is going to breakdown for us how Relyf selects their product offerings and explains the notion that simply because a product is popular, it does not mean it is the right thing to produce.
Join us! 

The Basics of 280E with Steven Monacelli

Steven Monacelli is a Co-Founder and Partner of Restivo Monacelli, LLP. Steven introduces us to a few of the topics he will be presenting about at the upcoming Nucleus One event in Portland, Maine. The most significant topic, of course, is understanding and mitigating the impact of section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code. We recommend you grab a pen and paper for this episode because you are going to want to take some notes. Steve helps us review the differences and tax implications of an ordinary business versus a cannabis business and some strategies on staying compliant. You will not want to miss this.

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Maine Adult-Use Dispensary Licensing with Hannah King

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Hannah King joins us to share the inside scoop on what she will be speaking about at the Nucleus One: Emerging Maine Market event. Hannah is the co-founder and co-chair of Drummond Woodsum’s regulated substances practice group. As of this posting, Hannah and her team have assisted in the approval of around 60% of the current adult-use applications in the state of Maine. She is well versed and excited to share her knowledge. Be sure to check out the Nucleus One events page for this event and future events.

“Hannah has worked with municipalities, medical dispensaries, entrepreneurs, and investors in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire on medical and adult use marijuana and hemp regulatory and licensing issues. Hannah is one of the most knowledgeable and visible faces of Maine’s growing cannabis industry. She was appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, to represent Maine’s adult use marijuana industry to the State of Maine Marijuana Advisory Commission, formed to continuously study and make recommendations to the legislature on best regulatory practices for marijuana.  Hannah was heavily involved in the drafting of Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act and recent amendments to Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act as an advisory board member of Maine Professionals for Regulating Marijuana, a collection of Maine professionals advocating for safety, quality, and transparency in the marijuana industry.” –

Regulating Cannabis and Industry Collaboration with Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy joins Ry and WeedBudz Radio to discuss the importance of collaboration between Policy Makers, Regulators, and the Cannabis Industry itself. This level of collaboration is imperative to creating a better and more effective market for consumers. Brendan Murphy is a wonderful individual to discuss the topic of Government and Political affairs with us as he had worked to help build the regulated market in the state of California. Brendan Murphy has an amazing story of how he found his way into the cannabis industry and the work he has done since; with industry leaders such as Weedmaps, representing government interactions, and bridging the gap between policy and industry.

Be sure to connect with Brendan on LinkedIn and subscribe to WeedBudzTV on Youtube.

The Undertaker’s Kid with Jesse Littleton of Gran Bel Fisher

When Jesse Littleton is not the Director of Sales & Marketing for Ancient Roots, a Cannabis cultivator in Ohio; he is The Undertaker’s Kid. The Undertaker’s Kid is an album and passion project that Jesse and his band Gran Bel Fisher have been working on for some time now. Jesse grew up in a small town in Ohio where his family owned the local funeral home. As you can imagine this unique profession has provided Jesse with many experiences that we can not even dream of. Jesse is a soulful singer that has impacted the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. Our host, Ry, is no exception, and in fact, says Jesse not only changed his life but saved him from going on a trip that Ry could’ve regretted forever…

Had I not heard his songs or watched that documentary when I did. I would’ve been on a cruise and not with the people I love most at a time that we all needed to be together.

Ry Russell, Host –

Join Ry and Jesse as they discuss the launch of Jesse’s new album and the impact a song can have on one’s life. 

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Ry and Jesse at Elm St Creative in Sabina, Ohio.

It took no time at all for Ry and Jesse to become #budz4life
Jesse Littleton sitting at the Piano at Elm St Creative.

The Emerging Maine Market with Nucleus One

This episode is an introduction to some of the guests and speakers we will be featuring over the next few weeks. WeedBudz Radio has been downloaded now in 32 countries and 246 cities thus giving us the opportunity to explore the Cannabis industry across different markets. WeedBudz has partnered up with Nucleus One, a Cannabis consulting company out of Portland, Maine to promote an industry event they have put together to help educate individuals that are evaluating the market opportunities in the beautiful state of Maine. Jacques Santucci and Connor Yost from Nucleus One share a bit about what you could be learning about on March 19th, 2020 in Portland, Maine.
Follow the Link to Reserve your spot now!