From Big Box Retail to the Greenhouse with Taurin Lyons

As the Cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, we find more and more job openings looking for all-stars to fill in the gaps. Our host, Ry Russell, loves seeing people make the jump from “traditional” industries into the Cannabis sector. In this episode of WeedBudz RadioRy asked, Taurin to join the show and share his experiences making the shift from Luxury Retail to running a  Cannabis dispensaryTaurin is a legend in retail and he made the brilliant pivot into Cannabis, and he is bringing those skills and Industry-leading customer service to this field. Ry along with dear friend and partner; Melissa Stapley of Pro 9 Ventures and MJ Hybrid Solutions had the pleasure of visiting Taurin, in his element at the beautiful Skokie, Illinois Greenhouse.

Tune in and join us!

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Guest: Taurin Lyons

Host: Ry Russell

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