Cannabis Marketing with Brandon Rea of Canlock

Marketing and Business Development is a passion that Brandon Rea has had for some time. Brandon has been on the front lines of new media marketing and building brands since the start of the tech boom. He has always been a Cannabis enthusiast and knew his talents would bring him close to the industry. Fast forward, you will find yourself with the savvy marketer behind the Canlock vacuum sealing, smell-proof, glass jar system. Canlock has a system that is fantastic for both, retailers looking to showcase their Cannabis in a premium package, with superior environmental controls, and for the cultivators that are looking to protect the fruits of their labor. In addition to many amazing commercial uses, Canlock also has self-storing jars for your average consumer looking to keep their Weed fresh. However, marketing in the Cannabis industry is not an easy task. There are many rules and guidelines you need to follow in order to stay compliant and ensure your social channels do not get shut down. Join us today and hear how Brandon and the Canlock team found ways to market their products effectively and engage an active user baser.

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