Adding Value to your POS with Dan Hirsch of DataOwl

Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl joins us to discuss the power of strong CRM tools within your business operations. As we watch the cannabis industry develop, dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers need assistance managing all of their data. Customer Relationship Management services can also bolster the bottom line as research shows sales can increase up to 29% for businesses that use these data-driven tools.

We were very excited when our friend, Mike Sanchez of Emergent Layer, reached out to introduce us to Dan and the DataOwl platform. 

DataOwl unlocks insights from point-of-sale systems and provides a robust and fully customizable suite of e-commerce, text marketing, interactive digital signage, patient check-in, and customer loyalty solutions that auto sync with BioTrackTHC, GreenBits & LeafLogix and integrate with Leafly & OnFleet.

DataOwl allows for dispensary owners to: 

  • Integrate online and in-store shopping experiences via promotions, inventory management, rewards redemption, and order fulfillment automation
  • Create a customized, tiered loyalty program that incentivizes by spend, category, visits, and/or time of purchase

  • Eliminate time-consuming list management: set your business goals and Smart Messaging handles the rest
Dan Hirsch, Co-Founder of DataOwl CRM Platform.

Join us and hear how you can increase sales for your Cannabis business today! 

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