The Road to Being an Entrepreneur w/ Antonio Harvey

Ry has the unique opportunity to sit down with retired-NBA veteran, Antonio Harvey, Owner/Founder of Legend Brand Products. He discusses his journey from professional sports to cannabis as well as entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with it. Worried that basketball was his only calling, Antonio sheds light on a few crucial components to branching out successfully, such as the need to learn. These two understand that every job is a vital job, because building from the ground-up, means you’ve done it all. Join us! 

Guest: Antonio Harvey
Legend Brand Products

Host: Ry Russell

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Investing in People with Griff Conti

From the outside looking in on the Cannabis Community, it is easy to understand why it is the individual people that make up the heart and soul of any successful business. For someone like our next guest, Griff Conti, understanding people is all in a day’s work. Griff is a very successful recruiter for the Bradsby Group, entrepreneur, and Investor. Like any entrepreneurial-minded individual Griff is a big fan of keeping his mind busy with various projects. However, he doesn’t want to invest in just any project, he wants to invest in projects that celebrate people and put the community at the center of decision making. When Griff was looking for his next Investment it is easy to understand why he partnered with a team like Franny’s Farmacy to become an Owner and Operator of their new flagship retail store in the historic Bedford Square in downtown Westport, Connecticut. Join us!

Guest: Griff Conti
Franny’s Farmacy

Host: Ry Russell