Rico Lamitte and Canivision are helping to lift the voices of the Cannabis Community.

Ry and Rico first crossed paths in 2020 when hosting a fireside chat with Cat Packer, Executive Director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation for the city of Los Angeles at the first-ever Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference. This conversation quickly caught the attention of the audience before the Internet breaking conversation even got started. Rico has had a long and exciting personal journey with cannabis and he prides himself in sharing the journeys of others. This lead Rico to create Canivision, in order to share stories from around the cannabis community. Join us!

Guest: Rico Lamitte

Host: Ry Russell
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The Heart of a Champion with Tyler Dodd

Our next guest, Tyler Dodd, has had an extraordinary journey from homelessness to entrepreneur. Once, finding himself on the streets fighting for survival, and now finding himself in the Cannabis Industry fighting for his piece of the pie. When the Cannabis Industry was knocking on Oklahomas’ door, Tyler knew this was his opportunity. Tyler decided to jump in and get himself a cultivation license and from there became invested in other businesses and brands like Cookies and Tyson Ranch. Join us!

Guest: Tyler Dodd
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Host: Ry Russell 

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From Seed to Success with Master Grower, Ryan Douglas

There are many disciplines of the Cannabis industry that requires much education to really be considered a master and we would consider growing to be one of those disciplines. When we think about growing Cannabis, to some, it could seem like you plant seeds, and eventually, you will grow some flower. However, most of us know this is knot the case. When our friend, Tess Woods, from Tess Woods PR, called and asked if we would be interested in meeting a Master Grower, of course, we jumped at the opportunity. We are super excited for this episode where we get to learn from the Master Grower of the flagship subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corp, Tweed Inc.  Ryan Douglas, has spent much of his adult life studying plants and building businesses and you do knot want to miss our chat! Ryan published a book titled, From Seed to Success to help us budding cannapreneurs make sense of growing operations and also break things down in a very digestible way. In this book, Ryan provides many amazing resources for prospective growers and entrepreneurs looking for help building their Infrastructure and developing the overall strategy.

Join our Chat and to purchase Ryan’s book please follow the link directly below!
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Guest: Ryan Douglas
 From Seed to Success by Ryan Douglas

Host: Ry Russell

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