Is QualSCORE the Car Fax of the Cannabis industry?

Jason Cragholm of QualSCORE joins WeedBudz Radio and introduces us to the QualSCORE platform. QualSCORE is setting out to normalize the quality standards of the Cannabis industry. Measuring everything from product quality to customer service, Jason and QualSCORE make it very easy to measure “Happy Happy Customers” and identify problem areas within one’s business for a quick resolution. In addition to QualSCORE, Jason is also the Founder of the weekly podcast and Internet show the GOX-BOX, referring to the “Group of Experts”, which airs live every Friday, and each episode is uploaded to the archives of their LinkedIn group. If you are an expert be sure to join the group here!

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Guest: Jason Cragholm

Host: Ry Russell

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