Hemp Fire Starters with Tree Free Heat founder Dylan Veilleux

At just 22 years of age, Dylan decided to make a run at entrepreneurship and has not looked back. He knew that he wanted to own his own business and he knew wanted to work on something that had a practical use and would have a positive sustainability mission. After doing some R&D, Dylan created a hemp fire starter using all-natural ingredients. Since his first iteration of the product, Dylan has been working like a mad scientist fine-tuning his formulas and his process, and quickly has been able to add additional products to his original offering. Join us in this episode of WeedBudz Radio and hear how this young entrepreneur set his business on fire.

Purchase your very own hemp firestarter: https://www.treefreeheat.com/

Guest: Dylan Veilleux
Tree Free Heat

Host: Ry Russell

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11/20 Maine Cannabis Report with Ry Russell from Weedbudz Radio reporting for Weed Talk News and Pro Cannabis Media.

Maine Cannabis Report

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High North, Maine’s Largest Cannabis Retailer Enters the Adult-Use Market.

Maine’s largest Cannabis retailer, Wellness Connection, will be stepping into the Adult-Use market under a new brand called, High NorthWellness Connection has been known for its large footprint in Maine’s medical marijuana program since the initial launch of that program. With news of Wellness Connection converting one of their stores from the medical program to adult-use we had to sit down with our friends Susanne and Charlie and learn about all that is new and exciting. The first of their locations to convert to adult-use will be the shop in South Portland, or if you are from the area often referred to as SoPo. The store will be rocking Its new brand and name, High North. High North, has such beautiful branding and is inspired by all of the natural beauty we have here in Maine. Tune in and join us.

Host: Ry Russell

Guests: Susanne and Charlie, Wellness Connection / High North Leadership. 

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High North – Munchie Mix and Potato Chips
Ry with Managing Director of Wellness Connection, Charlie Langston and Director of Marketing Susanne Pingree standing in front of WeedBudz Best award from 2019 in Portland.
Grateful for the opportunity to try some of the new High North Products.

Weed Talk News: 68% of Americans want Legal Weed, plus your Maine Cannabis Report!

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Ry Russell Co-Anchors Pro Cannabis Media’s “Weed Talk News” with Jimmy Young 10/16/2020

Ry Russell Co-Anchors Weed Talk News with Jimmy Young

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Weed Talk News and the “Maine Man”, Ry Russell, provides your weekly Maine Cannabis Report 10/23/2020

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Weed Talk News and your Maine Cannabis Report October 30th 2020

Ry Russell and the Maine Cannabis report starts at 9:50.

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Customer Engagement and Text Marketing with Respond Flow

Matt Morfopoulos of Respond Flow joins us on WeedBudz Radio to discuss the success of text message marketing for cannabis businesses. Whether your business is a dispensary, cultivator, or has customer-facing facets to the business there are significant upsides to introducing a text message marketing campaign. Text message marketing still has one of the highest conversion rates of all communication channels with customers. You can easily push promotions, surveys, and even have two-way conversations with clients and prospects. Tune In and hear how Matt and respond flow can help increase your text message marketing success today!

Guest: Matt Morfopoulos
Respond Flow 

Host: Ry Russell

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