The Green Renaissance with Julie Chiariello

Joining our host, Ry Russell on WeedBudz Radio we are excited to introduce Julie Chiariello.
As a woman in business leadership for the last 26 years, Julie has enjoyed bringing green, cutting edge products successfully to market and empowering others to succeed. Julie is a medical user, an herbalist, and believe in the use and protection of herbal medicines in all their forms. Julie is a champion of a new style of business that upholds the tenets of sustainability, empowered consumerism, philanthropy, and more intelligent use of our collective resources.

Julie has built many successful sales teams of various companies within the yoga, health, and wellness industries. Julie also successfully centered the Cannabis market in the vaporizer manufacturing segment 15 years ago, where she cultivated a global network of friends and activists. In her travels, Julie heard stories that have touched and enraged her and has moved her to action within her work as Co-owner and Editor-in-Chief at SKUNK Magazine. Julie and Skunk Magazine are empowering small businesses to succeed and giving a voice to the unseen and unheard that continue to suffer and be torn apart by this heinous public crime. Julie has devoted herself to what she calls the green renaissance.  Tune in and join us to learn more about Julie, Skunk Magazine, and become part of the Green Renaissance.

Guest: Julie Chiariello

Host: Ry Russell

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