Strategic Partnerships and Marketing with Ellyn Weitzman

Our next guest, Ellyn Weitzman is the Director of Marketing and Partnerships for the new Franny’s Farmacy franchise located in the heart of beautiful Westport, Connecticut. Ellyn has been around health, wellness, and media for quite some time and found a home at Franny’s Farmacy where all of her passions can work together. Opening a retail store on its own is challenging enough but opening a store during a global pandemic, is even more challenging. Ellyn and the team have utilized their connections and strategic relationships to quickly make a name for themselves within their local market. If you want to find out some creative ways your brick and mortar store can promote without breaking the bank, you will want to tune into this episode, Ellyn shares a lot of value about how to get your brand out into the community. 

Guest: Ellyn Weitzman of Franny’s Farmacy

Host: Ry RussellWeedBudz Radio / Knot Plastic 

Left to Right: Ellyn Weitzman, Michael Mejer, Ry Russell, Griff Conti

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