WTF Extracts with the Best Beard in Cannabis

Our audience may remember our friend Omar from an earlier episode where he discussed his commitment to the community and the greater Cannabis Industry. The best beard in Cannabis is back to join us to talk about another brand he works with, World THC Factory; aka WTF extracts.

Omar utilizes Instagram to connect with his community in order to grow his Cannabis brands. Be sure to follow Omar personally, at and also his accounts:

Omar uses the many tools within Instagram to connect with his community, build awareness, and increase demand for his products before he even introduces them to retail partners. When you purchase products from Omar to carry on your marijuana retail shelves you’re buying much more than a product. You are purchasing a brand, with an identity and from an individual that does not just show up and drop off the product; Omar creates an experience that your customers are excited to learn more about.

Join us and hear from one of the most humble Cannapreneurs in the Cannabiz!

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