The Undertaker’s Kid with Jesse Littleton of Gran Bel Fisher

When Jesse Littleton is not the Director of Sales & Marketing for Ancient Roots, a Cannabis cultivator in Ohio; he is The Undertaker’s Kid. The Undertaker’s Kid is an album and passion project that Jesse and his band Gran Bel Fisher have been working on for some time now. Jesse grew up in a small town in Ohio where his family owned the local funeral home. As you can imagine this unique profession has provided Jesse with many experiences that we can not even dream of. Jesse is a soulful singer that has impacted the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. Our host, Ry, is no exception, and in fact, says Jesse not only changed his life but saved him from going on a trip that Ry could’ve regretted forever…

Had I not heard his songs or watched that documentary when I did. I would’ve been on a cruise and not with the people I love most at a time that we all needed to be together.

Ry Russell, Host –

Join Ry and Jesse as they discuss the launch of Jesse’s new album and the impact a song can have on one’s life. 

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Ry and Jesse at Elm St Creative in Sabina, Ohio.

It took no time at all for Ry and Jesse to become #budz4life
Jesse Littleton sitting at the Piano at Elm St Creative.

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