The Basics of 280E with Steven Monacelli

Steven Monacelli is a Co-Founder and Partner of Restivo Monacelli, LLP. Steven introduces us to a few of the topics he will be presenting about at the upcoming Nucleus One event in Portland, Maine. The most significant topic, of course, is understanding and mitigating the impact of section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code. We recommend you grab a pen and paper for this episode because you are going to want to take some notes. Steve helps us review the differences and tax implications of an ordinary business versus a cannabis business and some strategies on staying compliant. You will not want to miss this.

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Maine Adult-Use Dispensary Licensing with Hannah King

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Hannah King joins us to share the inside scoop on what she will be speaking about at the Nucleus One: Emerging Maine Market event. Hannah is the co-founder and co-chair of Drummond Woodsum’s regulated substances practice group. As of this posting, Hannah and her team have assisted in the approval of around 60% of the current adult-use applications in the state of Maine. She is well versed and excited to share her knowledge. Be sure to check out the Nucleus One events page for this event and future events.

“Hannah has worked with municipalities, medical dispensaries, entrepreneurs, and investors in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire on medical and adult use marijuana and hemp regulatory and licensing issues. Hannah is one of the most knowledgeable and visible faces of Maine’s growing cannabis industry. She was appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, to represent Maine’s adult use marijuana industry to the State of Maine Marijuana Advisory Commission, formed to continuously study and make recommendations to the legislature on best regulatory practices for marijuana.  Hannah was heavily involved in the drafting of Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act and recent amendments to Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act as an advisory board member of Maine Professionals for Regulating Marijuana, a collection of Maine professionals advocating for safety, quality, and transparency in the marijuana industry.” –

Regulating Cannabis and Industry Collaboration with Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy joins Ry and WeedBudz Radio to discuss the importance of collaboration between Policy Makers, Regulators, and the Cannabis Industry itself. This level of collaboration is imperative to creating a better and more effective market for consumers. Brendan Murphy is a wonderful individual to discuss the topic of Government and Political affairs with us as he had worked to help build the regulated market in the state of California. Brendan Murphy has an amazing story of how he found his way into the cannabis industry and the work he has done since; with industry leaders such as Weedmaps, representing government interactions, and bridging the gap between policy and industry.

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The Undertaker’s Kid with Jesse Littleton of Gran Bel Fisher

When Jesse Littleton is not the Director of Sales & Marketing for Ancient Roots, a Cannabis cultivator in Ohio; he is The Undertaker’s Kid. The Undertaker’s Kid is an album and passion project that Jesse and his band Gran Bel Fisher have been working on for some time now. Jesse grew up in a small town in Ohio where his family owned the local funeral home. As you can imagine this unique profession has provided Jesse with many experiences that we can not even dream of. Jesse is a soulful singer that has impacted the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. Our host, Ry, is no exception, and in fact, says Jesse not only changed his life but saved him from going on a trip that Ry could’ve regretted forever…

Had I not heard his songs or watched that documentary when I did. I would’ve been on a cruise and not with the people I love most at a time that we all needed to be together.

Ry Russell, Host –

Join Ry and Jesse as they discuss the launch of Jesse’s new album and the impact a song can have on one’s life. 

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Ry and Jesse at Elm St Creative in Sabina, Ohio.

It took no time at all for Ry and Jesse to become #budz4life
Jesse Littleton sitting at the Piano at Elm St Creative.

The Emerging Maine Market with Nucleus One

This episode is an introduction to some of the guests and speakers we will be featuring over the next few weeks. WeedBudz Radio has been downloaded now in 32 countries and 246 cities thus giving us the opportunity to explore the Cannabis industry across different markets. WeedBudz has partnered up with Nucleus One, a Cannabis consulting company out of Portland, Maine to promote an industry event they have put together to help educate individuals that are evaluating the market opportunities in the beautiful state of Maine. Jacques Santucci and Connor Yost from Nucleus One share a bit about what you could be learning about on March 19th, 2020 in Portland, Maine.
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Sourcing for the Leafly Marketplace with Adam Cavanaugh

Back at MJBIZCON, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nick and Hannah from Leafly. Nick introduced the work he does within the field of Science along with his program for Leafly Certified labs and Hannah introduced us to the new Leafly MarketplaceRy, our host of WeedBudz Radio, had a chance to catch up with Adam Cavanaugh, Director of Strategic Sourcing for Leafly Marketplace and he shares a bit more background on what the Marketplace is looking for from their products and how their commitment to quality comes into play. Listen in and hear about Adam’s background and how he found his way over to our friends at Leafly. 

RotoGro and Peak Wellness Canada

Ry has a special bonus episode of WeedBudz Radio for us today containing 2 Interviews with our friends from Canada. Jordan Carlin kicks us off with RotoGro which is a fully integrated system that can take your Cannabis to flower in about 60 days. These unique units provide everything you need for efficient cultivation. Once we concluded our interview with Jordan about RotoGro we are joined by Cameron Noble of Peak Wellness CanadaPeak Wellness is a Biochemistry company that focuses on special extraction methods and Cannabis preservation. Join us and hear from Jordan and Cameron to learn a bit about some amazing Canadian companies making an impact on their Cannabis industry.