WeedBudz Maine – Best of 2019

Patricia Rossi (Left), Ry Russell, Paul Robbins

Ry, our host of WeedBudz Radio, moved back to his home state of Maine In 2019. When he returned, he was amazed by the incredible Cannabis industry that had been developed. He sought out recommendations and referrals from others that were participating In Maines Medical Marijuana Program. After spending time exploring the Cannabis industry in other markets throughout the country Ry found that Maine had something really special to offer. The industry in Maine seemed underrated, to say the least. That is when Ry came up with the idea to help bring the individuals and organizations behind Maine’s industry to not just the consumers but to the Nation. We have guests from all across the country and Canada and we wanted to pay tribute to the State of our roots. Ultimately, all of this leads us to create WeedBudz Maine’s Best of 2019. We accepted nominations and then leveraged our advisors of objective, and unbiased parties to recognize a Maine Bud Tender and a Maine Dispensary that we felt set a high standard for Education, Experience, and Empathy. Paul Robbins of Wellness Connection in Portland, Maine was honored with the WeedBudz 2019 BudzTender of the Year due to his thirst for knowledge and commitment to his craft. Patricia Rossi, CEO of Wellness Connection in Portland, Maine accepted WeedBudz Maine Dispensary of the Year for 2019 on behalf of the entire organization. Patricia has a passion for the industry and is dedicated to continuing education and the empowerment of her teams to be the best service members they can be. This was a really special day not just for WeedBudz, Paul, and Wellness Connection but for the Maine Cannabis industry.

Tune in and hear from Patricia and Paul after receiving WeedBudz 2019 Awards.

Note: On WeedBudz.com you can find WeedBudz awards and start nominating your favorite Cannabis brands, and individuals today. We have a National recognition survey that will be used for public voting at the end of 2020. We have another survey to celebrate our roots in the great state of Maine where there will be monthly features within our blog and podcast in addition to public voting at the end of the year for Best of WeedBudz Maine. Thank you for being a part of the WeedBudz community. 

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