WeedBudz Maine – Best of 2019

Patricia Rossi (Left), Ry Russell, Paul Robbins

Ry, our host of WeedBudz Radio, moved back to his home state of Maine In 2019. When he returned, he was amazed by the incredible Cannabis industry that had been developed. He sought out recommendations and referrals from others that were participating In Maines Medical Marijuana Program. After spending time exploring the Cannabis industry in other markets throughout the country Ry found that Maine had something really special to offer. The industry in Maine seemed underrated, to say the least. That is when Ry came up with the idea to help bring the individuals and organizations behind Maine’s industry to not just the consumers but to the Nation. We have guests from all across the country and Canada and we wanted to pay tribute to the State of our roots. Ultimately, all of this leads us to create WeedBudz Maine’s Best of 2019. We accepted nominations and then leveraged our advisors of objective, and unbiased parties to recognize a Maine Bud Tender and a Maine Dispensary that we felt set a high standard for Education, Experience, and Empathy. Paul Robbins of Wellness Connection in Portland, Maine was honored with the WeedBudz 2019 BudzTender of the Year due to his thirst for knowledge and commitment to his craft. Patricia Rossi, CEO of Wellness Connection in Portland, Maine accepted WeedBudz Maine Dispensary of the Year for 2019 on behalf of the entire organization. Patricia has a passion for the industry and is dedicated to continuing education and the empowerment of her teams to be the best service members they can be. This was a really special day not just for WeedBudz, Paul, and Wellness Connection but for the Maine Cannabis industry.

Tune in and hear from Patricia and Paul after receiving WeedBudz 2019 Awards.

Note: On WeedBudz.com you can find WeedBudz awards and start nominating your favorite Cannabis brands, and individuals today. We have a National recognition survey that will be used for public voting at the end of 2020. We have another survey to celebrate our roots in the great state of Maine where there will be monthly features within our blog and podcast in addition to public voting at the end of the year for Best of WeedBudz Maine. Thank you for being a part of the WeedBudz community. 

Kris Krane, 4Front Ventures, Policy and the future of the Cannabis Industry.

Kris Krane joins WeedBudz Radio and shares his incredible insights on the importance of policy and the future of the Cannabis industry. Kris has been significantly involved in the Cannabis industry from activist to entrepreneur; from Associate Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) to Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), and the founder of 4 Front Ventures that now operates in many verticals within the Cannabis industry.

Kris Krane, 4Front

Kris spoke at 2019s MJBIZCON where our host, Ry, got to listen in as Kris shared his insights on the future of the industry.

     “While sitting In that room and listening to Kris speak and seeing how the room all admired his words and knowledge, I knew we needed to share his vision with our WeedBudz audience” – Ry Russell, Host, WeedBudz Radio

Tune in and enjoy the show! 

Gary Cohen built Cova Software by Building Value

Gary Cohen launched his Cannabis retail point of sale system with one customer at MJBIZCON a few years ago. Today, they are one of the largest firms in the space and they got there by building value for Cannapreneurs. Gary always has one ear to the ground in order to find what the pain points are for his prospective partners. He then uses resource-based content to assist those that are just getting started. He thinks about the industry in a very Macro way, in order to build value and expand his services for retailers. Listen In, and join us to hear how Gary got Cova Software started and some fun stories about new markets. 

Rad Source Technology fights mold, yeast, and other Pathogens

At MJBIZCON in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to have George, Simona, Justin, and Tim of Rad Source Technology join us and share their insights as to why and how their equipment protects Cannabis consumers. Tune in now and hear what George and his team are doing to help lawmakers understand why consumers need to care and be protected from potential molds and pathogens in their Cannabis. George and the Rad Source Technology teams put significant emphasis on providing resources and educating governments to assist in their consumer protection policies. Diane Russell, Editor of Maine Cannabis Chronicle and our very own WeedBudz Policy advisor understands exactly how important it is that lawmakers take a proactive approach and research some of the ways we can prevent these microbial contaminants in the first place.  

Rad Source Technologies
Visit Rad Source directly!

Check out this Video below from KLAS about a Testing Company that was shut down due to failed testing results.

Consumer Education and Safety with Leafly

Our host, Ry, is joined by Hannah Staton, Senior Manager of Product and Culture PR for Leafly along with Neuroscientist and Principal Research Scientist for Leafly, Nick Jikomes, PhD. While we were at MJBIZCON in Las Vegas we were lucky enough to have these two awesome individuals share with us the commitment Leafly has to education, advocacy and safety for Cannabis consumers and patients. Leafly is one of the most significant media companies in Cannabis and they recently launched their new CBD Marketplace where they commit to additional testing requirements and only promote products they feel are safe for the public to consume. Listen in, join us, and we are always grateful for a share, rating or review. 

WomenInCannabis.Study with Jennifer Whetzel of LadyJane Branding


Jennifer Whetzel, Founder of LadyJane Branding joins WeedBudz Radio to discuss two very important topics with our host, Ry: The first is marketing and branding for the Cannabis industry from a true expert of their field. Jennifer has created a unique platform to help small businesses identify their brands’ identity in order to help develop a communication strategy that is both consistent and compliant.

The second component of our discussion with Jennifer has to do with a very impactful mission she is working on for Women in the Cannabis industry. She and a colleague have created a survey that can be found at https://womenincannabis.study and they are in search of Women from all aspects of the business; within the Cannabis industry to complete this survey. Listen in and see how Jennifer is making an impact today and her future plans for the Women in Cannabis study. 

You can also check out LadyJane’s Sell Joy course at https://althea.solutions/courses/ladyjane-sell-joy/

Sustainability and the Resource Innovation Institute

Executive Director of the Resource Innovation Institute, Derek Smith and the incredibly knowledgeable Gretchen Schimelpfenig join WeedBudz Radio to discuss all things sustainability. Visit https://resourceinnovation.org/ today to find their guides and resources on topics from lighting to HVAC and everything in between. Whether you are starting your own grow or looking to build a large scale cultivation facility RII is a great resource to engage early and ensure that you build your grow as effectively as possible and as early as possible. Be sure to also check out your Cannabis Powerscore and see how your efficiency matches up to others at http://cannabispowerscore.org/

Learn more or Join RII!

The Science of Grow Lights with Kevin Frender of Black Dog LED

In this episode of WeedBudzRadio, our host Ry is joined by Lead Scientist, Kevin Frender, of Black Dog LED in Colorado. Ever since Kevin was a child he has had a passion for growing exotic plants and has studied everything essential for a healthy grow. Whether you are starting a small grow for yourself with only a couple of plants or building out a large scale cultivation facility you will want to hear Kevin’s notes on lighting and things to watch out for when you are getting started. 

Black Dog LED visits with WeedBudz Radio


Our Host, Ry (https://www.instagram.com/weedbudzry/)

Black Dog LED