CannaCulture in Arizona: Giving is better than receiving.

Omar (@OMAR_MMJBeard)

@WeedBudzRY kicks us off by sharing details from the first stop on his Marijuana Business trip; Phoenix, Arizona.

Ry was invited to a Cannabis social party at a Phoenix dispensary called DommLife. The entire event was put on by a local celebrity that goes by the Alias @Weed_Perfect. They had a comedy show, a fashion show, vendors, delicious food and so much more. The entire event was made up of a comedy of personalities that ranged from 21 to older than your grandparents and from a Cannabis themed Santa Clause to a gentleman that arrived in a purple truck and was dressed from head to toe in purple. There were many amazing people and personalities at this gathering but near the end of the evening, one individual started sharing their story and it struck such an important chord that we knew he was special and needed to join us on

Be sure to tune in today and hear how Omar and his rockin’ beard have created a culture within their Cannabis Community that is focused and determined on giving back and building others up. From backpack drives to refacing a VFW and all the way to being a darn good person, Omar shows that it is always the season of giving.

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