Ohio Cultivator, Ancient Roots, joins us at MJBIZCON

Our Host, Ry takes us to MJBIZCON; the largest conference for the Cannabis Industry. The conference was held at the Las Vegas convention center and featured businesses from all over the world. Many of our next episodes will feature interviews with the entrepreneurs and industry experts that are pioneering this budding industry.

Our first interview from the conference is with the Ohio Cannabis cultivator, Ancient Roots. For those of you that have been with us since the original WeedBudz Podcast, you might remember Jesse Littleton, Rockstar from Ohio and Director of Marketing for Ancient Roots. Jesse, now a dear friend of Ry’s had connected us to the rest of his Ancient Roots team while we were in Vegas. We are joined by Michelle Schrader (COO)Zach Souder (Director, Cultivation), and David Haley (CEO) of Ancient Roots. Listen in and join us to hear how teamwork and a family mentality; lead this team to success In the Ohio Cannabis market. 

Ry and the Ancient Roots team. David, Zach, and Michelle.

CannaCulture in Arizona: Giving is better than receiving.

Omar (@OMAR_MMJBeard)

@WeedBudzRY kicks us off by sharing details from the first stop on his Marijuana Business trip; Phoenix, Arizona.

Ry was invited to a Cannabis social party at a Phoenix dispensary called DommLife. The entire event was put on by a local celebrity that goes by the Alias @Weed_Perfect. They had a comedy show, a fashion show, vendors, delicious food and so much more. The entire event was made up of a comedy of personalities that ranged from 21 to older than your grandparents and from a Cannabis themed Santa Clause to a gentleman that arrived in a purple truck and was dressed from head to toe in purple. There were many amazing people and personalities at this gathering but near the end of the evening, one individual started sharing their story and it struck such an important chord that we knew he was special and needed to join us on https://weedbudzradio.com/

Be sure to tune in today and hear how Omar and his rockin’ beard have created a culture within their Cannabis Community that is focused and determined on giving back and building others up. From backpack drives to refacing a VFW and all the way to being a darn good person, Omar shows that it is always the season of giving.

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Puff Puff Piece Maker, KGB Glass

In this episode of WeedBudzRadio podcast. Ry goes to the shop of Brian and KGB Glass. We talk about entrepreneurship and grinding his way from working nights making literal donuts to making glass donuts for shops and collectors. His art is sold all over the globe and has been featured in a number of large publications including an amazing Forbes article from August of 2018.  Be sure to visit his website https://www.kgbglass.com/ and check him out on Instagram @KGBGlass.

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Left To Right: Brian, Ry, and Brian’s Girlfriend Sarah.

Maine Cannabis Chronicle

@WeedBudzRY interviews the Co-Founders of the impressive publication, Maine Cannabis Chronicle. Matt Bourgeois and Chris Blake share their fun origin story of how they met and how the Chronicle came to be. These two entrepreneurs are not new to the worlds of business or Cannabis. They are on a mission to share incredible stories of the many faces that make up the Maine Cannabis industry.

Check out the Maine Cannabis Chronicle online here!

Instagram: @MaineCannabisChronicle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaineCannaChron/

A Big Mouth Pharmacist Explains CBD

If you want to hear from a Big Mouth, you are in luck. We have Neal Smoller, from The Big Mouth Pharmacist podcast joining us today. Neal is a Pharmacist from the most famous small town in the States, Woodstock, New York. Neal is also the Big Mouth of Woodstock Vitamins. Talking to Neal, we realized that there was so much confusion for people surrounding how to distinguish between different types of CBD brands and products. He provides some insight as to how we can figure out which products may make the most sense when we are shopping on our own and how to do some quick math to help evaluate whether we are getting what we are looking for or not.

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