How to Connect in Cannabis w/ Matt Ritchey

Today on WeedBudz Radio, our host Ry has the unique opportunity to speak with Matt Ritchey, CEO of Mr. Cannabis Events and Co-Host to The Inner CircleMatt shares his own personal journey into the world of cannabis and shares what he believes the industry needs going forward. Matt not only hosts events, retreats, AND virtual events, but he also brings masterminds to the cannabis community as well. The name “Mastermind” might not be well known, but the concept has been around long before cannabis. Tune in and join us!

Matt Ritchey
Mr. Cannabis Events
The Inner Circle

Ry Russell
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The Perfect Networking Event: IT EXISTS!

WeedBudz host, Ry, sits down with networking genius, Chelsey Moter to discuss how networking has changed during lockdown and the solutions to those changes. During lockdown all in person networking events were either postponed or cancelled. As a result it became much more difficult for individuals to network and connect with others in their industry. Understanding that people were missing and needing that face-to-face interaction, without the small talk, Chelsey and her team created a virtual speed networking event, Lit & Loaded. Geared towards professionals in the Cannabis industry, it is a 3-minute introduction and that is it! If you and the other professional both hit the connect button at the bottom of the screen, you will be sent each other’s contact info and it will move on to the next person.  If you are looking to expand your network, generate leads, and close more deals than this is the event for you! Click the hyperlink below to register!

Lit & Loaded Cannabis Virtual B2B Speed Networking Event
Time: March 25th 2021 @ 2pm EDT to 7pm EDT

Happily Sponsored by Knot Plastic for the second year in a row, as well as NACB. Come network with us and see what is all about!

Chelsey Moter

Ry Russell

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