Rad Source Technology fights mold, yeast, and other Pathogens

At MJBIZCON in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to have George, Simona, Justin, and Tim of Rad Source Technology join us and share their insights as to why and how their equipment protects Cannabis consumers. Tune in now and hear what George and his team are doing to help lawmakers understand why consumers need to care and be protected from potential molds and pathogens in their Cannabis. George and the Rad Source Technology teams put significant emphasis on providing resources and educating governments to assist in their consumer protection policies. Diane Russell, Editor of Maine Cannabis Chronicle and our very own WeedBudz Policy advisor understands exactly how important it is that lawmakers take a proactive approach and research some of the ways we can prevent these microbial contaminants in the first place.  

Rad Source Technologies
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Check out this Video below from KLAS about a Testing Company that was shut down due to failed testing results.