Slightly Stoopid Hammerhead Pre-Rolls

“The Stoopidhead Hammerhead starts with the finest OG flower infused with Premium THC Diamonds, coated in high potency cannabis oil, and seasoned with an outside layer ofkief to bring you a smoke that’s truly fire!

Seabright Farms has over 30 years of combined cannabis knowledge and experience. They pride themselves on developing quality products consistently. They bring the FIRE in everything they do by listening and understand the TRUE complexities of Cannabis Culture. This is demonstrated by their alliance with the number one cannabis testing lab in the country Belcosta Labs.

Belcosta Labs was built with an understanding of over 50 collective years of Cannabis Growing, Extracting, and Scientific Knowledge. Based in Long Beach, Belcosta is a groundbreaking lab – with fast turnaround times, consistent/true science, competitive pricing, and a deeply-rooted understanding of Cannabis. Nate Winokur is a seasoned veteran in Cannabis testing and Vice President of Belcosta Labs. As product development advisor for Hammerhead, Nate was able to take the official “Stoopidhead“ Hammerhead Infused Preroll to new levels of potency and consistency.

2% of Proceeds will be donated to the Last Prisoners Project.”

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