OK Boomer, Congress is talking Pot.

In this episode of WeedBudz Radio we explore the landmark bill that is being presented to congress and was approved by the Congressional Committee to reform Marijuana laws across the United States. Our host @WeedBudzRY speaks with Diane Russell, who is retired from the Maine legislature and current Board Member for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and community activist. 

WeedBudz becomes Radio

As the WeedBudz brand continued to grow and develop It was time for the podcast to develop with It. We are excited to introduce you to the evolved Weedbudz Radio experience. We will explore the vast world of Cannabis in style through education, sharing experiences and building empathy for a world virtually unknown and still budding. We will embark on this journey together, with our host @WeedBudzRY

Ry Russell, our host, has been Healer.com Certified.