The Downfall of the Vape Industry w/ Dana Shoched

On this episode of WeedBudz Radio Ry sits down with Dana Shoched, a veteran of the U.S. Navy,  who has dominated vape hardware in the cannabis industry with her company O2 Vapes. For those that do not know, the cannabis industry is facing a problem that will result in a potential death knell to many vape product companies. The US government modified the 1949 Jenkins Act during the rollout of the stimulus in December, and it categorizes all components and elements used in ANY vaporizing device as a nicotine delivery device and forces shippers to comply with stringent rules, including registering with the U.S. Attorney General and maintaining and reporting addresses of delivery and quantities of products. Join us and Tune in to see how this will effect everyone in a BIG way. 


Dana Shoched


Ry Russell

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